COMSATCOM Support Capabilities:

iFONE will team with United Teleports, worldwide telecommunications services provider, to perform COMSATCOM capabilities. Our team brings experience providing an extensive array of services across a variety of specialties and commitment to superior product and service solutions. The iFONE/United team offers the following combined COMSATCOM support capabilities:

  • Engineer and design voice and data networks compliant with US industry specifications and Government security and information assurance standards
  • Generate “as-built” and new system documentation, as well as documentation for security certification and accreditation
  • Perform network contingency planning, risk assessment, and site surveys
  • Complete infrastructure migrations, network upgrades, and network integration
  • Leverage existing iFONE network operations and support centers in the US and Afghanistan and United Teleports in Miami and Port Saint Lucie, Florida
  • Perform helpdesk functions and ensure quality performance using established monitoring procedures and tools
  • Provide satellite bandwidth, operate and maintain SATCOM systems, and engineer/provide deployable SATCOM solutions
Network Engineering & Design:

Network designed to US industry specifications in deployed locations, security standards and information assurance, documentation for security certification and accreditation, and contingency planning risk assessment site survey.

Project Management Experience:

Create and maintain project schedules in MS project, build project lead schedules and verifying completion, plan, monitor, control, and close out various inside and outside plant projects.

General Services:

Engineering support services/operations and maintenance, onsite operations support and network operations center, network management and monitoring systems, rapid response to network issues/customer problems, network metrics and performance monitoring, and satellite equipment installation/termination.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing & Termination Services:

Network documentation maintenance and fiber assignment engineering, maintenance services/emergency restoration, and complete fiber optic testing.

Underground & Buried Services:

Large and small directional boring, jack and bore placement, conduit proofing, rodding, and repair, cable placement, trenching, manhole, vault, and cabinet installation, manhole rehabilitation and restoration.

Inside Plant:

Site survey & design, riser cable distribution systems, copper & fiber cabling, telephone system cutover services, coaxial cable design & installation.

Design/Build, Installation, and Demolition of Communications Towers and Alternate Power Systems:

With our partners, can design / build or demolition communications towers or alternate power system anywhere in the world, even in extreme environments as we have been doing in Afghanistan for years. Can design/build communications towers to users’ specifications to ensure quality, global communications support. Can also modify towers for additional capabilities, and execute safe demolition when necessary.

Cable TV Offerings:

Can provide US content to the Department of State and US military anywhere in the world. Packages include targeted free tier channels, pay television linear channel subscription packages, and pay per view events.

Remote Communications Set Up in Minutes

When you have to move fast to respond to emergencies, one of the first things needed is communications. Without that your team members cannot coordinate at the site of the problem. They are limited to runners. Highly inefficient. Time wastes. Injured people wait.

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