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iFONE Offers a Full Line of Telecommunications Services


iFONE Offers a Full Line of Telecommunications Services

iFONE’s staff has decades of experience in the world of network telephony. Telecommunications networks are made up of many segments, with many technologies which interrelate and sometimes the basics get forgotten. iFONE has the experience, from basic telephony to the demands of advanced digital wire-line and wireless networks. The following are services offered by iFONE on an individual basis and as full Engineer, Furnish and Install (E, F & I) projects:



iFONE has many years in the telecommunications industry including working with the U. S. Department of Defense and State and Local Government as well as in commercial enterprise. This experience can be invaluable when evaluating new networks or expansions to existing networks.



iFONE engineers jobs for systems sold and contracts engineering services separately. Functions include site visits; path surveys; specification preparation for equipment and installation; CAD drawing preparation; and drawing updates, as examples, for Central Office, Transmission, Radio, Power and Network Solutions.



Through agreements with global telecommunications manufacturers such as UTStarcom, Alvarion, UPSI, HP and many others, iFONE supplies the latest in technologies for voice, data and network solutions in such areas as switching, access, transport, wireless and network management. From racks, runway, cabling to power plants, central office switches, muxs, cellular and digital radio systems, iFONE has a full compliment of products from leading equipment manufacturers.



iFONE’s believes in completing the job from start to finish. Years of experience with industry standards, ensures quality, turn-key projects. iFONE offers installation services for products it sells as well as strictly contract installation for carriers and manufacturers.



The Project Management function is an essential element in ensuring projects run smoothly and on time. iFONE offers this service as part of E, F & I projects sold or on a stand-alone basis. Techniques developed through years of experience ensure practical issues are covered for projects large and small.



iFONE operates a full-services Cellular Radio Engineering Group. This group will meet our customer’s needs for Design Engineering, Procurement and Applications Engineering, Coverage Analysis, as well as, Installation and on-site services. Functions include coverage analysis, radio profile engineering, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint RF engineering, RF network analysis and antenna design.



iFONE’s technical staff is available for specialized maintenance projects, especially related to Central Office Switching, Transmission, Cellular Radio and Network Solution sites.



iFONE offers training services and programs on the full line of Switching, Transmission, Power and Network Solutions systems supplied and supported by iFONE. iFONE’s knowledge and experience is offered students in the form of unique, meaningful and practical programs.


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