Disaster Response


iFONE Disaster Response Communications


Mission : When you have to move fast to respond to emergencies, one of the first things needed is communications. Without that your team members cannot coordinate at the site of the problem. They are limited to runners. Highly inefficient. Time wastes. Injured people wait.

Solution: iFONE specializes in extremely portable communications sets using either cellular technology or Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX technology, or both.

IFONE has the experience from over six years supporting U. S. military operations in austere overseas environments. The IFONE Minuteman ® wireless suite provides a well proven and thoroughly tested solution to your needs for portable communications in the field.

Illustrated here is a typical situation. Perhaps there has been an aircraft accident; or perhaps it is a chemical fire which threatens a rural town. Perhaps it is a response to an earthquake or hurricane.


The iFONE Minuteman provides:

  • A three-five mile umbrella of communications over the area
  • Telephone and/or data coverage in a private network
  • If there are wire-line telephone systems, Minuteman can plug in
  • If there are satellite links to the “outside world,” Minuteman can plug in
  • And it is all wireless, sets up in minutes
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