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iFONE-NEDA Internet Service Project Office – (Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan) 
(All internet billing/help desk issues in Kandahar Afghanistan use the following telephone numbers and email address)

iFONE Building – Intersection of Motorpool Road and Bronco Road  (Adjacent to Copenhagen)
Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Calling locally, within Afghanistan
Phone:  0-7-985-79599 and 0-7-025-06077
Calling internationally, from outside Afghanistan: 
Phone:  011-93-7-985-79599 and 011-93-7-025-06077

IFONE-NEDA Complaint and Refund Escalation Process

  1. First the Service Manager
  2. Then the Business Development Manager
  3. Lastly you can go to the Project Manager:

IFONE, Inc. cannot assist with IFONE-Neda refunds/issues.

iFONEStar Cellular Project Office (Kandahar Air Field,  Aghanistan)

(All cellular/help desk issues in Kandahar Afghanistan)
Phone:  0-7-959-15920
Calling internationally, from outside Afghanistan 
Phone:  011-93-7-959-15920
Located behind Copenhagen Contractors (office hours 9am-8pm)

iFONE inc.  (United States)
(All business with iFONE outside of internet services)

Joseph Stewart III

Peggy Witt
Office: 305 567 0432
Fax: 305 567 0966

Corporate Address 

iFONE Inc.,
3919 Braganza Avenue
Miami, FL 33133

Mailing Address

iFONE, Inc.,
1056 Island Drive,
Memphis, TN 38103.
Office Manager E-mail: